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I am running the kayak school for Confluence Kayaks again this year and need some help. We are offering many more classes this year and need instructors. Our biggest classes are on the weekend but we also offer classes during the week and evenings. To teach for us you need to be ACA certified and be current on your first aid/CPR and we also recommend being certified in swift water rescue.

To get certified we are bringing in Sam Drevo the week of April 30 –May 8 to teach the following courses:


ACA Instructor Certification Course :)

This is the most comprehensive kayak course we offer. This 40-hour course is focused on the latest technical knowledge, terminology, teaching skills, personal paddling skills, and safety awareness in a swiftwater environment. This course helps you work on personal and interpersonal development and pushes you to build skills and knowledge through peer feedback, video analysis, and lectures. We combine practical on water demonstrations and presentations with real world scenarios that will equip you to deal with teaching this multifaceted sport as a professional. This course sets the industry standard for instruction in paddle sports.
The ACA instructor certification process is broken up into two core components: the Instructor Development Workshop (IDW), and Instructor Certification Exam (ICE). The IDW presents students with the skills and knowledge that are required to become an instructor. The ICE is an opportunity for each candidate to demonstrate his/her proficiency in the presentation (logical progression) and demonstration (proper modeling) of the skills, knowledge necessary for certification. This course will cover the following ACA curriculum content:
Introduction to Kayak
Basic River Kayak
Whitewater Kayak

To Be Certified You Must:

Be at least 18 years of age (Jr. instructor status is possible for minors)
Be or become a member of the ACA. Become a member of the Safety, Education, and Instruction (SEI) Committee
Successfully complete the course (requires: attendance at every session and completed homework, quizzes, and tests).
Just because you have paid your class fees and attended the class, does not mean you are guaranteed certification. Each candidate must show competency in technical knowledge, paddling skills, teaching skills, safety awareness, and necessary interpersonal skills at the desired level of certification to achieve certification. On average only about 25% of students achieve the whitewater certification, often because this course is many kayakers first exposure to formal instruction.
Price: $450 + $55 membership to ACA and SEI
Duration: 40 Hours
Dates/Times: May 2-6 Full Days
Location: Confluence Kayaks Denver Colorado
Prerequisites: Must be an intermediate kayaker with some teaching experience or a strong desire to learn how to teach.
Contact our office to learn more or SIGN UP NOW!

ACA Whitewater Instructor Update :)

The instructor update is required once every 4 years to maintain certification. This 16-hour update is designed to review ACA policy, as well as cover changes in paddling technique, course curriculums, boat design, equipment, and protocol. This update can be run in conjunction with an ACA instructor certification workshop.
Price: $225
Duration: 16 Hours
Dates/Times: see May 2-6
Location: Confluence Kayaks Denver Colorado
Prerequisites: Must be intermediate paddler with some teaching experience and prior ACA instructor certification.
Contact our office to learn more or SIGN UP NOW!


2-Day Swiftwater Rescue Workshop
Two-day swiftwater training is a hands-on two-day customized class for recreational kayakers, rafters, and guides who want to hone their swiftwater rescue skills. Each day is broken up into a classroom module and an experiential component. Day one will start with rescue theory and hydrology. We will introduce several different types of ropes and teach the “minimalist” approach to hardware, knots, and other tools. We will introduce foot entrapments / bow pins, contact rescues, wading rescues, and swimming in rapids. Day two focuses on group management, victim behavior, and preemptive safety. We will teach you how to build and pick proper anchors, and elaborate on mechanical advantage from a minimalist standpoint. Finally, we will recreate real life scenarios that will test all the knowledge you have learned, and help you build the judgment that will help save lives.
Price: $195
Duration: 16 Hours over 2 days
Dates/Times: May 7-8 All Day
Location: Confluence kayaks Denver Colorado
Prerequisites: 18 yrs of age, have health insurance, ability to swim 25m unaided, and in good physical condition
Contact our office to learn more or SIGN UP NOW! 303-433-3676

CPR/First Aid :)

Be prepared with the knowledge and skills necessary to prevent, recognize, and provide basic care for injuries and sudden illnesses until advanced medical personnel arrive and take over. This course covers first aid and adult CPR.
Price: $60
Duration: 5 Hours
Dates/Times: April 20/6-11pm
Location: Confluence kayaks Denver Colorado
Prerequisites: None
Contact our office to learn more or SIGN UP NOW! 303-433-3676

The cost may look high but to help you out with the ACA instructor coarse we will refund $100 for every 4 classes you teach.
If you are interested contact the shop at 303-433-3676
You can also contact me direct at 303-503-4030

Lyle Phetteplace

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Creek'n clinic

Sam will also be teaching a creek clinic on May 1.
This should be a fun time with the fresh water.
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