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Leakage in playboat

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I recently brought a dry top and tried it out with some shorts. After rolling a few times, I noticed a small amount of water getting into my boat. My skirt feels attached good to my boat, but not extremely tight. I was wondering if this is common, or could it be my screws or something else.

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Can we subtitle this one: how to fight blue balls?

Very common, esp playboating. I keep a sponge in my boat. Some (not many) sew their drytop to their skirt to reduce "leakage." (note this can pose a safety hazard, but is generally safe for just playboating) Definitely check all your screws, put duct/gorilla tape over them if you're still not sure if that's source. I find it's usually your skirt. A snug tunnel fits help and your seal around the cockpit probably makes the biggest difference. Short of buying a new skirt, you might try buying some weather stripping and putting a layer around the outside of your cockpit rim. I've found this to help some. I've heard others recommend a bicycle inner tube around the cockpit rim (I've found this to be less helpful).

Most people just learn to deal with a bit of water seeping in and empty their boat now and then. It drives me crazy though.
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Sometimes when the DBK is ripping it and he's not wearing a sweet fitting drytop them sneaky water droplets ran a solid stream right down the spine when in "tuck" position during roll set up. Water in da play boat is a good thing! I means your playin hard. Only #### ###ers afraid of putting a little liquid in their nostrils have dry boats. Carry on cool people (.;
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