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Late Sept Main Salmon Beta

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Thinking about a trip to the main towards the end of Sept. Anyone done it this time of year? What to expect water-wise and weather-wise? Who is still running shuttles?
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Everyone is running shuttles as far as I know. Weather wise depends if a storm is blowing through or not, otherwise it should be sunny and in 70s-80s? We ran it late Sept 2012, it was great weather, except due to forest fires the smoke was everywhere. I still slept on my boat every night.

Water wise it was 2,000 cfs at White Bird and plenty of action on the river. I'd say lower water was a bit harder than family friendly low teens. I have a video of that time frame on my youtube channel, since I've posted it so much on the buzz, if you are interested jump on my Youtube channel (so I won't spam buzzers with my footage :))

Also, it's low season, so you can camp in any site you come to, which is great since you don't have to make specific mileage.

Enjoy the trip.
Yellow jackets gone by mid/late-September ?
Alex what is your utube channel? We are thinking of doing this too. Did you run into much of the "cast n blast" crowd?

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Yellow jackets gone by mid/late-September ?
That seems to all depend on the temps. If temps get cold for a spell, they seem to go away. If not who knows? I would expect the closer to mid-September the more likely they are to still be around and pissed off. The later in the month the less they will be around. If it stays hot and dusty….you get the idea.

Weather could be anything from hot enough to swim every day to snow. It's September in Idaho, anything can happen and usually will in a week span. We had two inches of hail on Friday. It plugged up storm drains and stuff.

Usually the pseudo monsoons happen more in August though. If they are dry that's when we get all the fires started. Not dry this time.
Is Indian Summer a non-pc term? That is what I am hoping for.
Late sep is one of my favorite seasons around here. Sure wish we weren't such wankers and would do the MF, but such is life....

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