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Lake or Res for roll practice on Front Range

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Hello, Does anyone have any suggestions on a lake or reservoir to do some roll practice in with a friend. Would help to have a solid floor to stand in and assist etc. Yes, pools are nice but hard to schedule around. I'm located in Boulder, and my first thought was Boulder reservoir. But F__ that place after daily fees, boat inspections, and registering each kayak for 40 bucks. What the hell basically. Thanks for any help or suggestions. ~Jh
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chatfield state park gravel pond. Fuck Boulder.
Yeah, Chatfield is like $8 for a day pass. Gravel pond.

Colorado Parks & Wildlife - Fees

Or Big Soda Lake at Bear Creek Lake Park. Similar daily fee, but not covered by a State Parks Pass.
I've gone up to Carter Lake north of Lyons. No fee, no one bothers you.
FYI, Carter lake does have a fee and rangers enforcing the fee as it is a Larimer County Park. I live in Loveland and don't go there because of the fees, we go to Lone Tree which is a wakeless lake and no fees.

Park Permit Prices
Lagerman res off 75th st. Not sure about water quality. There are turkey farms very close. It is free.

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My bad, yes, Carter does have the day use fee. Just no boat check.
Anyone been to St. Vrain state park? How is it for roll practice? It's about 10 minutes away from me.
Let me know if you've got room for a third. I just got a boat a few weeks ago and still trying to get a roll.

Also, there's a lake in the park below Fairview High School that I've seen people kayaking in. I can't speak about it's bottom but it looks to be mud and I'm unsure of the depth. It maybe worth checking out. I'm sure there are no fees and getting on the water shouldn't be a problem.

I also have a neighborhood pool just above Fairview High at my disposal that I've been practicing in that no one uses much. Just girls laying out and no one seems to mind me paddling around and making a fool of myself.

We could probably use the pool too as long as there aren't a bunch of people hanging out. I'm a teacher and on summer break so my schedule is pretty open. I usually use the pool in the middle of the afternoon to reduce the chance of running into a lot of people.

Let me know if you're interested.
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Union Reservoir has a lot of relatively clean beachfront, and if you're bringing a boat you can park your car right next to it. Get there on a weekday or early on a weekend to get a parking spot close.
I need to get in some rolls myself. Can you really paddle around in that fairview pond??
I need to get in some rolls myself. Can you really paddle around in that fairview pond??
I've seen people do it with my own eyes. I don't think there's a no boating sign.
I need to get in some rolls myself. Can you really paddle around in that fairview pond??

I took my boat down there today and did some laps. There was also a trailer full of canoes and about five of them on the water full of summer camp kids. Boating is definitely fine down there. In fact, I talked to a little old lady to who said they used to have a full dock and rent boats.

There are no swimming signs though so roll practice with wet exits maybe frowned upon. There were however campers that came out of their canoe just sort of walking around in the pond. No one seemed to care.

From the places that I checked the bottom was mostly gravel. The west side of the pond was fairly shallow, 3-4 ft. in most places. The east side of the pond was much deeper in the middle, deeper than my 220 cm paddle could reach.
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