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Went up there yesterday and ran from the source down to brains. Unfortunatly there are a few new things to think about...

The cauldron has a log across the top that will have to be removed before you can run it....

Also at the 1st camp ground hole some guy went nuts with a chainsaw and some of the 10+ trees he dropped (all green with limbs still on them)ended up totally filling the eddie above the drop and plugged up the river left channel (usual line) of the drop... The last eddie at these flows is half a mile above the hole... A group of 3 of us yesterday passed the last eddie and could not stop before the hole... Got through by the skin of our teeth.. I for one will not run this section again until it is cleaned..

The other log is the usual one right above the old toaster..

Other than that the run was a bit on the low side yesterday but is good to go...
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