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So at 1200cfs, Lake Creek is pumping. Though we opted to not run it with a crew of two, there is more wood than the most recent posting.

The usual at Toaster is there, but at current levels, the log is at water level with a last chance ditch eddy on the left against the log. Not many eddies up high.

There is a log in Toaster. It is just underwater in the 90degree corner, could be very nasty if upside down or nose of your boat going under. Scout or Portage, easier to portage after getting out for the log upstream anyway.

After looking at the Brain and Paralyzer just for fun, there is a log preventing the running of the Brain. The log is at water level, completely across the river less than 10ft down from the bottom hole on Brain. At current flows, its not runnable.

We didn't stop to check NIMBY, but tombstone is runnable if your on your game. Scout for sure.
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