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Ladies splash pants (suggestions)

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Hi Y'all!

I am doing a trip to the middle fork in early July as well as primarily boat on colder Colorado Rivers. I am not looking to invest in a dry suit (maybe in a few years) but for now am looking for a better solution for this season. I just got the cheap NRS Rio jacket (as a backup to always have on hand). I have a phat cat and inflatable kayak (both pretty splashy!)

Do rain pants work just as well? I've read that you don't want to tighten splash gear anyway if you plan for a potential swim.

Should I just send it on the W's NRS Endurance pants? I've also looked at the Kokatat Semi Dry pants... but haven't found anything comparable for 5'3 ladies. Bibs look kinda cool & multi purpose? Or should I just wear the lightweight ski shell pants I already own?

Thanks in advance!
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