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Kokatat Hydrus Dry Top/ Snapdragon Skirt
*** SOLD ***

Selling a lightly used Kokatat Hydrus Dry Top, size large. $150

Snapdragon reinforced skirt, tunnel size XL, cockpit size L. I've used it on a Jackson Fun and Pyranha and it fit fine- light use, excellent condition. $100

Please email if interested:
[email protected]

Asking Price: $150.00
Condition: Excellent

Clothing Sportswear Red Jersey Sports uniform
Clothing Sleeve Red Orange Outerwear
Blue Clothing Red Electric blue Outerwear
Beanie Cap Headgear Ushanka Bonnet
Footwear Floor Hardwood Shoe Flooring

Make, Model: Kokatat Snapdragon
Year: 2016
Color: orange/slate, black
City, State: Montrose, CO
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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