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King and Queen of the Wave in Buena Vista

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Super fun, low stress event for paddlers of all abilities. Kids dig it too. So does those that rip at bow surfing.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 10th- Buena Vista River Park in South Main.

9-10am: Registration and warm up
10am: Racers meeting
10:30am: Simple Slalom
12:30pm: Fun Freestyle
2:30pm: King and Queen of the Wave

Under 15 SUP
Under 15 Kayak
Over 15 SUP
Over 15 Kayak

The day’s festivities begin at 10:30 a.m. with a Simple Slalom course; a combination of upstream and downstream buoy turns. Each participant will get 2 runs through the course. Your final time will be a combination of the 2 runs.

The Fun Freestyle competition begins at 12:30 with a Preliminary Round that will be judged in a non standard fashion with points awarded for displays of skills from low-scoring front surfing and side surfing, to higher scoring spins, on up to loops. Each group of paddlers will gather in the eddy adjacent to the feature and will perform freestyle moves as many times as they can in their allotted times. Judges will score each ride and the winners will be chosen based off of the total score of their 3 best rides. In the lighthearted spirit of the competition, points can also be accrued for “face surfing” more than five seconds and rolling up.

The day’s final event begins at 2:00 p.m. with a King and Queen of the Wave, a test of skill, cunning and determination. The format calls for heats of three competitors to charge the feature at once. The individual who stays on the feature the longest will advance to the next round. The last male and last female competitor left surfing upright will be coronated the victors.

Cost: Each event will have a $10 fee or register for all three for just $20. The day will be on a rolling schedule, so come early to be sure to catch all the action.

For further information, call CKS at 719.395.8653. x 1
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