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raising hell has been a part of kayaking party's since the beginning, but shooting guns never mixes well with booze and the kids should have eased back on that when asked to stop the shooting.
Kayaking has become pretty mainstream these days and not everyone who kayaks likes to party late into the night, the kids involved are still in the process of growing up and are learning to take responsibility for their actions. they should not be looked down upon or beat up at some other camp ground because they made some bad decisions on a friday night.
Alex is a well know kayaker who sometimes like to party a little harder then the rest, but you also need to think about the fact that he like to run the shit a little bit harder then the rest as well and the two go hand an hand. To his credit he did get up in the morning and and apologies for what happened, he offered some money for the booze and replaced the ice that had been used to put out the fire which had been fed by people who had gone to bed.
the situation is unfortunate and the discharge of firearms needs tot stop, but the late night partying will still be a part of camping around kayakers, it may be a good idea to set tents away from the kids if you don't want to hear them.
The kids will learn and grow up but until then they will be kids
have great season of boating
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