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Kern river

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Does anyone know anything about the kern river in CA or more specificaly working on the Kern river.
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Whitewater Voyages.
I'm sure there are other Companies, but cant think of them right now!
working the kern

I humped rubber on the kern for 6 years. Its a great river with alot of work. As I remember there are only 4 companies with permits so it rarely gets too crowded. Its always hot as hell in the summer and maybe gets rain a handfull of times.The water is warm compared to colorado (think bikinis not wet suits) and nobody busts your nuts over having swimmers. I hope you like class 4 and 5 because the kern is short on 2s and 3s, not a deterant in my opinion. The rent is cheap and so are the women and you can't beat a forks trip. The companies I remember are:

White water voyage
kern river tours
kern river outfitters
All are great companies and there are some others that only run a small unpermited section on the upper river don't waste your time with these.
Just moved back from Cali and spent the last 2 years there traveling to the kern every weekend there was water. It is a great river with a lot of good rowdy rapids. There might be a couple more companies besides the ones mentioned but those are the ones I saw typically on the river. Although most of the time you saw no one on the river. That place is incredible.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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