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Kendrick Childers memorial float June 28&29

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I have talked with Kendricks father and the Memorial float for Kendrick Will be over the weekend of June 28 & 29th.

Pumphouse section of the Colorado river.

We have a 14' raft, and i believe brian and sylvia offered an additional 14'er.

I will get a Childers family head count and see how many family members will need a place in a raft.

Anyone attending should post here, and as I contact folks we will have a more accurate head count.

Please post here that you saw this, let us know if you can make it, either way is fine. the date has been set.

thank you all
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I'm going to be out of the country on June 25th, so I will have to miss the memorial float :( I'll be in touch with Ken's dad about a couple of details. I'm glad that you're organizing this, you'll do Kendrick proud.

The Date for Kendrick Childers Memorial will be Sunday June 29th at the Pumphouse section of the Colorado river followed by Chinese food at the Bamboo Garden between 730 and 8pm. Please RSVP here to help the family and I get an idea of who will be able to make it.

Kendrick Childers Memorial Float

June 29th Pumphouse to State bridge

Meet up at Pumphouse between 1030 and 11 AM

Food at Bamboo Garden between 730 and 8 PM

Any people reading this from Staples Aurora Please message Jen or Kim at Staples to RSVP.

Please bring sun screen, food(snacks) and Water. Wear shorts and a summer shirt and bring along a hat and long sleeve shirt as well.

We will have rafts and coolers for everyone once we are on the water.

It will be a fun and safe day for all non-boating people wanting to be on the water. The scenery is beautiful and water is mostly calm.

John Childers will be posting soon with maps and links to the area. If anyone wants to provide a link and map here to the pumphouse launch area. I am not good at posting links.
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I'm going to be out of the country on June 25th, so I will have to miss the memorial float :( I'll be in touch with Ken's dad about a couple of details. I'm glad that you're organizing this, you'll do Kendrick proud.


Safe travels, John and I will be in touch. I am not sure, but they might decide to spread a little of his ashes over time at different rivers. This will be his main memorial float, possibly followed by smaller spreadings later again, I am not too sure.
RSVP for Kendrick's family.

Hi Bob & all,
We have 4 family members for sure for the memorial run near Kremmling on June 29th. At most, an additional 2 might opt in. Some of my local family will me out of state that weekend.
I will be attending and will need directions
Jeanne Burns
Since I have never been here and I don't see any recent messages about the actual location, can you provide me with directions or an address? I do have GPS so I will be able to find it. Thank you Jeanne Burns
Directions to Pumphouse: Go east on I-70 to Silverthorne. Then go North on CO Hwy 9 toward Kremmling. Shortly before you get to Kremmling, you will see the turn-off to Trough Road (Hwy 1). It will be a left turn. Proceed until you see the sign for Pumphouse Recreational Area. Drive down the road to the river. You will need to bring some cash ($7??) for a day permit. You'll see the pay station on your way down.
Directions to Pumphous Campground with GPS Coordinates

I. 10:30 to 11:00 AM Rendezvous at Pump House Campground 14 miles southwest of Kremmling on

the Colorado River.

Leave Denver area about 7:30 to 8 AM depending on stops and missed turns possible.

Take I-70 West through the Eisenhower Tunnel to exit 205 to merge onto CO-9 N/Blue River Pkwy

toward Silverthorne. Continue to follow CO-9 North

35.4 miles, 42 mins Trough Road (Co Hwy 1) turn-off. Turn left and head southwest. If you enter

Kremmling, you missed this turn, which is a couple of miles south of the town center at US 40 and


10.4 miles, 18 mins to GPS Coordinates 39.97632,-106.501358 the turn-off from Trough Road (Co

Hwy 1) into the Pumphouse Campground (GPS coordinates 39.98959,-106.508836).

Approximate half-way point from Denver area is the Eisenhower Tunnel.
From the Eisenhower Tunnel to the turn-off from Trough Road (Co Hwy 1) into the Pumphouse

Campground it's 55.3 mi, 1 hour 9 mins

If you are late to the rendezvous, keep on traveling. The actual launch won't be until Noonish or a

little later. After the 10:30 AM rendezvous, some time will be consumed by driving vehicles to the

State Bridge Campground parking area (GPS Coordinates 39.857495,-106.648863) for picking up

the boats once we leave the water. That's an hour-and-half round trip.


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Directions to Bamboo Gardens with GPS Coordinates

II. 7:30 to 8:00 PM Rendezvous at Bamboo Gardens in Silverthorne.
After the boats are picked up, we will head for the Bamboo Gardens Restaurant at 190 Meraly Way Silverthorne, CO 80498 (GPS coordinates: 39.6272264,-106.0656401)

63.6 mi, 1 hour 11 mins from State Bridge Campground (Head south onto CO-131 for 14 miles. Take I-70 E toward Denver and head east for 49 miles. Take exit 205 for US-6 E/CO-9 N toward Silverthorne/Dillon 0.2 mi. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Silverthorne and merge onto US-6 E 0.1 mi.)

62.9 mi, 1 hour 48 mins from State Bridge Campground via Pumphouse Campground if you're picking up a vehicle there. ( Take Trout Road northeast to Pumphouse Campground and on to CO-9, turn right and head south to Silverthorne. Continue onto Blue River Pkwy in Silverthorne. Pass under I-70 and continue onto US-6 E)

Turn right onto Stephens Way

Turn left onto Meraly Way


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I don't swim so will there be a life jacket or something I can use?
Thank you
Jeanne Burns
Scattering Ashes in Pueblo tomorrow

Jacob and Mary and I will scatter some ashes in the Arkansas river tomorrow. We'll be at the Nature and Raptor Center of Pueblo (GPS 38.27044, -104.676757) tomorrow morning 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM.

Jacob and I will float a ways downstream from there in a two-man raft. We might float all the way to the Pueblo Whitewater Park (GPS 38.261055,-104.617929). That float might take maybe 1 1/2 hours.

If anyone wants to spread ashes with us in Pueblo, you're welcome to.
Life jacket for Jeanne

Bob Deuso will provide life jackets.
Map-Trough Road turn off - pumphouse.gif

Here is a map showing the Trough Road turn-off and the Pumphouse campground


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Here is a map showing the river campgrounds Pumphouse, Radium and Statebridge


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Thank you to the as John said "The dirty dozen" Our rafting yesterday will be a memory I will never forget. Now with my little problem at the end, I do have short term memory loss so if I forget to include you here, this is why. Thank you to Bob, Brian, Karen, Sylvia, Jacob, John and Mary! I am taking John's excellent advice and going into the doctor today. Apparently there some irregularity with my EKG. The water movement plus my dizziness triggered everything so now rafting is checked off of my bucket list. I truly feel as though I was treated as royalty! What a great group of individuals. Thank you again, Jeanne Burns
Sunday's memorial float was such a perfect day! Kendrick would have loved our flotilla trip down Pumphouse, I think we'd have made him proud. Jacob, sorry you fell out of the ducky and had to forfeit the "floating couch" to your dad ;)

Here are some pics I took of the day, Brian sneaking through the bushes taking photos of us, the group at our first stop on a sand/cobble bar, John trying to steal the ducky already from Jacob, and Jacob cliff jumping.


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Great job gang, wish I could have joined.
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