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Kayaking Shipping

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Hello, I am trying to ship my playboat from Virginia to Alaska. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on the best way of going about doing so? Thanks for the advice.
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I just got my boat shipped from Virginia to Colorado, went on Greyhound. Got there maybe 2 days more than expected but didn't take but 5 days maybe? I can't remember exactly.. it felt like eternity waiting for it to get here but it really didn't take long. I'm actually looking into shipping my boat to Alaska as well for the summer but to the Anchorage area. But I'd go greyhound. No problems there, and cheap.

Thanks, I think I will have to fly it, no greyhound in Fairbanks.
Call Forward Air last time i shipped a boat it cost me $70. But you have to bring it to the airport.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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