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Kayaking near Oslo, Norway?

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I'm looking at taking a job overseas, and Oslo is a definite opportunity. I know Voss is full of good stuff, but that's about 5-6 hours from Oslo by car/train. Are there any more local runs that anyone knows of? Looking for anything class 1-5, even sea kayaking would be cool although that isn't really my thing.

Any thoughts about living in Oslo are appreciated also, I'm not really a large city person but I think it would be a great experience regardless.
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I don't know anything about Oslo, but every Norwegian I have ever met was a party animal. You ought to fit right in.

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If you are looking for any type of flat water paddling, you don't have to look very far as there are bodies of water in very close proximity e.g. the Oslo fjord :)

As far as whitewater, I believe Kongsberg is the closest. It is about an hour west of Oslo. From what I understand they have several good playholes and they are in the process of building a wave.

Sjoa, which is about 3.5 hours north of Oslo is the Norwegian Mecca of whitewater. They hold the annual Sjoa River Festival in July.

Tyler Curtis lived in Norway during the paddling season for several years and should be able to provide you with all kinds of beta. You can contact him via his FB page:

Good luck.
Norway is awesome. I lived there as a kid. I was too young to be doing any kayaking but there's great culture there and awesome people. I'd highly recommend taking the opportunity.

I've been back several times since getting older and starting to kayak. While I spent more time among the northern coast and near Trondheim than Oslo, there is plenty of gorgeous countryside and lots of nice looking rivers. Unfortunately, I didn't have any gear and the rest of my family doesn't boat much so I didn't do any whitewater boating.

Sea kayaking abounds as well. Take a trip up the Lysefjord if you get a chance. The Preikestolen is worth seeing but a fairly crowded hike overlooking the fjord as well.

Shoot me a PM if you end up going and want to chat more about Norway.
Within 5-6 hours drive you will have some of the best kayaking in the world. Check out Voss (6hrs), Sjoa (3+ hrs), Telemark region, etc, etc, etc. I don't think you're going to have much backyard paddling...but there is some seriously badass whitewater in Norway. Oh yea, and the alps are now part of your playground.
Gradient Ep. #4 "Norway" - Kayak Session Magazine

don't know if any of this is anywhere near where you'll be, but it looks pretty awesome!!!
Thanks for all the good info guys! The job I'm looking at has a component in Oslo and a component in Grenoble, France, so I could have paid flights back and forth from the French Alps to the fjords... I'm gunning for it for sure.
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