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8) We are seeking a kayaker with Grand Canyon, Cataract Canyon, Zambezi, Futelea Fu or similar big water experience to join an expedition on the Mekong in Tibet in April 2004. This position will fill quickly, so if you are interested please contact me as soon as possible.

The team includes one Tibetan, three Chinese, four Japanese, two Americans, one expat American and one Australian. Two of the Chinese were on the all-Chinese team that completed the first descent of the Yangtze in 1986 and one of these was co-leader of the all-Chinese team that completed a first descent of the upper Yarlung Tsanpgo in 1998, Tibet. The Japanese team members were among those who completed first descents of the Mekong in Qinghai in 1999 and northwest Yunnan in 2002, and the Americans and Australian were part of first descent expeditions on the Mekong in western Yunnan in 1995 and 1997. The expedition will be included in a TV program and a couple of books.

The river flows through a two mile deep canyon with occasional view of glaciated 20,000 ft peaks. We'll be visiting remote villages and monasteries that have rarely been visited by non-locals. See for a map and photo and for details about schedule and cost.

We are also planning shorter (and less expensive) roadside Class 3 and Class 4 - 5 kayak expeditions in Sichuan and Guizhou for August and September 2004 (no raft support, no camping). See for more info.

These non-commercial, non-profit expeditions are intended to help the Chinese and Tibetans develop their river touring industry. Previous expeditions have been the trip of a lifetime for participants - many have returned a second, third time or fourth time. See for descriptions of previous expeditions in Tibet and western China.

If you are not interested but know of someone else who is interested, please forward this message to them. Thanks for your attention.

Pete Winn
Shangri La River Expeditions
[email protected]
877-242-7108 (toll free in US)
970-242-7108 (foreign)
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