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Kayak pinned in Crystal Gorge

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My red Nomad is underwater in some janky slot where I should not have been in the upper gorge. It's pretty much where things start to get moving in the rapids before Corkscrew. You should be in the right channel before a small drop, not middle where my kayak is pinned.

Big thanks to Lucas for helping me get out of the pin very quickly. Swimming would have been heinous. And thanks to the rest of the crew, Scott, Bank, Aaron, who tried to help unpin the boat for 2 hours.

Boat has two Watershed bags (yellow and green), blue hand paddles, and an orange throw rope inside. Unlikely anything is labeled. Adequate reward provided for salvage, not like any of you pussies reading this are going in there after it though.

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hahahaha love it. Sorry about your shit good luck

My boat was last seen near Paddle Snatcher, that ugly rapid a drop or two below Zute Chute. Scott removed all the contents of the boat, save for an orange rope in its bag, which is now missing.

Hopefully it had a great time running all the super clean rapids to get there.

Beers for anyone who hauls it up to the trail above the Inner.

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I am holding the contents of the boat hostage..... bhahahahaha
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