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Kayak Pinned Avon CO (All parties OK)

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There is a Liquid Logic Stomper 90 (orange) pinned in a log jam just above Bob's Bridge / Kayak play park in Avon, CO.

Just above the old wooden water wheel on river right.

All parties are OK and accounted for.
I do need some help with a Z-Drag or some strong beasts as it is pinned good. I have a pin kit but any help is much appreciated.

If anyone is in the Avon area please give me a call if you are experienced and can help.

Thanks and stay safe..

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Found Liquid Logic Avon CO

We found the boat and Z-Dragged it off the log jam.
Be careful out there.. It took 4 super strong buys and a 3-1 mechanical advantage and we nearly had to go for a 5-1.

Thanks and thanks again...
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