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Hey all,
I am looking to buy a used boat out of Durango, Colorado. I am located in South East Idaho.

I would be willing to chip in some gas money if anyone is traveling between those two areas and could haul my boat (WW kayak),


for a share in the fuel expenses, I would be willing to haul boats for other people if I need to go myself.

I have a truck that can pull a trailer with a raft on it, or I have a trailer that I can probably haul 8-10 kayaks with (depending on the model/shape/size etc.).

So, if you need something moved between Idaho and Colorado and can get your stuff to Pocatello, ID or Durango, CO (or some logical place along the way) I may be able to help.

If anyone is going between Durango and Salt Lake (or whatever in between) I'd be willing to meet there also.

Just looking for any option that a) shortens the drive, b) offsets fuel expenses, and/or c) helps out other boaters.

Please respond ASAP if you're interested, I may decide to go this weekend (August 22 - 25) if it makes sense. Things get increasingly busy as the semester goes along so sooner is better for me.

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