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It has become clear this summer that an online forum representing the boating community is invaluable for keeping us all safe on the river. A lot of us rely on the beta posted here to pursue the rivers that we are undoubtedly going to run. With that said, I would like to see the personal attacks decrease and more reliable information posted. This thread is about the way the community perceives us and how our positive actions can make our rivers more accessible. For the most part I feel that the general population likes the boating community, however our access very often comes into conflict with the rights of the property owners.

That being said if you are going to trespass on railroad tracks or anywhere else for that matter, do it as discretely as possible. It is their land, however what they don't see can not hurt them. If for some reason you are seen or caught red handed be apologetic and respectful (Also, Ignorance is bliss).

Ten Ways on How To Be discrete
1. Avoid high travel times to avoid an incident all together
2. Keep an eye out for “them” and if you see or hear “them” first, retreat into the woods
3. Travel in one group! It’s better to disturb owners once, than for hours with stragglers.
4. Hike quickly and quietly without making unnecessary stops
5. Do not litter or leave evidence that you did trespass
6. The truck with fifty river stickers may not be the best one to park in the lot
7. When approaching a take out, send a single person to stealthily scout the situation first.
(At RockWood’s takeout it is possible to avoid the tracks by hiking the hill to the left. You get a good vantage point of the parking lot without exposing your entire crew, also you can claim you ran the entire upper and never were on any railroad tracks).
8. We know the rules, but ignorance kept Bugs Bunny from the effects of gravity for years
9. Use your head, you’re a KAYAK NINJA with many allusion skills
10. If her boyfriend asks, tell him that you’re her cousin and that’s why you spent the night!

Stay classy, and keep the posts positive
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