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eNRG Kayaking and
The Front Range Paddling Association Presents:
A Film Festival Evening with World Extreme Kayak Champion Sam Drevo
North American Championships/ Jr. Olympics​

Intro: Telluride Film Festival Honorable Mention Film- RITA (5 Min)

FILM 1 (25 min):

Rush HDTV Focused: Exploring the Upper Minus Rapids (25 min). Produced by Matchstick Productions. For the last three years Matchstick Productions and RUSH HD have produced some of the most cutting edge High Definition Television programming in the world. We bring High Definition cameras out of their element to remote corners of the globe. 'Focused' brings the viewer behind the scenes and into the trials and tribulations of the modern day action sports athlete. Watch Sam Drevo, Dale Jardine, and Steve Fisher re-define limits by repelling off Victoria Falls to go explore the upper minus rapids.

FILM 2 (44 min):

Follow the last-ever descent of Yong Bao Gorge on the Mekong River in SW Yunnan China. Organized and directed by eNRG Kayaking, this visually documentation follows a group of whitewater advocates (including the Lacy family from Boulder), and many Chinese academic leaders down this amazing journey. Lead by eNRG guides Travis Winn, Sam Drevo, Eric Southwick, Jed Weingarten, and Willy Kern, this film explores and celebrates the diverse cultures and environments of the Mekong Valley while exposing some of the most pressing human-rights and resource-rights issues facing the region's subsistence cultures.

TIME: 6-8pm

DATE: Monday, July 2

LOCATION: Golden CO- American Alpine Club - Foss Theater

COST: FREE for Jr. Olympic participants, $5 for Colorado Whitewater Association, $10 for general public
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