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First of all I'm gonna have to admit that I swam in Gore this weekend. Feel free to make fun of me. Secondly, i would like to ask for your help. After swimming out of Ginger my boat floated down through pirite and under that nasty looking undercut rock in the middle of the class 4 shit above the big splat rock. It's stuck pretty good as several highly motivated bros could not get it out. it shouldn't pose a threat because if you go into that rock you are f*@$ed anyways. If it washes out please leave it on a bank or something and let me know, I'd be very greatful. Thanks,
kato :cry:

Don't know if it was yours, but there was a yellow pocket rocket on the shore in the area you were talking about....Unfortunately, it was pretty messed up (big holes ripped in around the cockpit). Gimme a call if you need more info
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