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I apologize for calling out to you on the public forum.

Any thoughts on rationale behind recent flows from Green Mtn Res? The flows on the Blue are keeping Gore Canyon at levels between 650 cfs and 750 cfs over the last five days or so. 650 to 700 is kinda bony and 700+ is somewhat more manageable. I've noticed flows on the lower Blue were around 350 last Thurs and then ramped up to 450 for the last few days and are now back down to 350. Is there currently no need to release due to natural flow in the Eagle and Roaring Fork and recent rainfall providing enough water for downstream needs? (ie: at least 1200cfs for Shoshone and whatever the canals in Junction need)

Does Green Mtn. provide any water for calls downstream at the moment, or are the releases only due to inflow to the resevoir?

Or, in short, any guesses as to when we will see sustained flows of at least 750 cfs on the Colorado at Kremmling? the Arkansas is due to be turned off around 8/15 or sooner and the Gore race is coming up. I understand that water policy on the Blue does not take downstream recreation into consideration. But it would be nice to know that when someone asks "When's Gore gonna come back up?" I can honestly answer "I don't know. Depends on......"

I am grateful for all your help and postings in the past. Any thoughts on the current situation are greatly appreciated.
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