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Alright - REALLY short notice and crazy plan, but here it is:
The Jones is out of hand. I MUST paddle. Is there nothing running in Colorado? Sho-Sho looks really low, right?
So I'm thinking about driving to southern Idaho. There's a stretch I know well there - playboaters only. It's only a couple of miles, but there's a play wave there that makes for killer surfing. My buds and I used to spend hours there. The rest of the run is only like two miles of pool-drop class III. But it's hot-spring fed - water temp will be about 50, air temp about the same. Guaranteed flow.
I think I'm leaving Saturday around dinner time. It's 11 hours of driving, crash at a buddy's house for five-six hours' sleep, then to the river for three-four hours of much needed hydrotherapy. Then a party Sunday night, drive back Monday - in Colorado Monday evening.
It's a long trip for a short river run, but I'm crazy. If anyone can just drop it and go, I'd love to have someone to share the drive and the gas $. I have room for three more.
Call 719-930-1634 if you're interested.
Also, if anyone knows of anything closer that's running and free of ice, class 3/4, I'd love to hear it. Otherwise it's Idaho or bust. I'd also be willing to do this trip next weekend if the extra time means somebody can go.
Lemme know.
-Mike in C. Springs
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