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June Boating and camping invitation

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I have nothing to do in June except camp and boat some stout creeks.. most of the rest of my crew has to work but i have from may 30th to june 21st off.. anyone else in the same situation and want to do a colorado road trip and run the shit? I'm open to boat and camp with whoever..

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Yeah that sounds great, I've never been to wyoming. I'd like to run some of the steepness here in colorado just because I live here but i'll make a trip up to run big timber, and some other stuff up there. I've wanted to run that creek since i saw a video of that dude being ejected.. it looks gnarly.. Feel free to come camp in CO as well i want to get in the crystal drainage and and some other stuff i read the cinnamon gorge description and i really want to do something like that by the end of the season.
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