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We just grabbed a June 24 Middle Fork cancelation and we are looking for a few folks to join our trip. We are planning a seven day trip with a layover day.

We'd like to add a few buzzards to the trip, hopefully from the PNW.

We mostly have folks from the Spokane area and range in age from 40-65. We are a pretty relaxed group and enjoy having fun, but we need our beauty sleep!

We have all of the needed group gear, have a couple EMTs and a few folks with 20+ years of experience.

We just need some fun folks! We don't have a musician or a chef on the crew yet!

So, if you are interested, send us a PM telling us what experiences/skills you can bring to make the trip even better. We did the same thing last year and met a couple of great folks, so we thought we would try it again this year.

We will give more detailed information about the trip/crew after receiving your application. Humor, great story telling and general smart assery may increase your chances of joining the trip.

Let's go boatin!
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