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July 30, 2009 Westwater Canyon Story (Thanks Adventure Bound!)

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Five of us went for a fun day in Westwater Canyon on Thursday, July 30. Three of us were playing with a “super-duck,” that is two duckies hooked together with two, 7-foot pieces of frame tubing. It was pretty cool, kind of a weird paddle boat. Another friend was duckie-ing alone and one more friend was in a playboat (hard-shell kayak). The kayaker dislocated his shoulder doing a high brace in Funnel Falls. We fished him out and eddied-out to assist him. It appeared to be a posterior dislocation and he was in a lot of pain. We knew that two rafting parties were behind us, one was the Adventure Bound trip and one private party. We made a decision to wait for Adventure Bound knowing that our injured friend would not like a ride in a duckie, especially through Surprise and Sock-It-To-Me. He was in pain and getting tossed even a little would’ve been very painful. While we wee waiting for Adventure Bound party I saw a single 16-foot oar boat come through Funnel. Besides the guide there were four teenage passengers and almost no gear in that oar boat. I flagged the boat down and asked if we would take the injured kayaker past Last Chance. The man who was guiding the boat actually said "no." I couldn't believe it. Asking him for help was meant to be just a rhetorical question. Knowing that Adventure Bound trip is not far behind I told him to go. But can you believe it?

Thanks to Shana and the rest of the Adventure Bound crew for being so accommodating, super nice, and for motoring us to the take out. Our friend greatly appreciated getting to the ER sooner rather than later.


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