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Hey Debster, Check on all of the advice given above. THE most important advice is RAIN GEAR. Do not plan on using silly Gortex. It does not work in Alaska. Period. Go to Hellyhansen's website and buy the best rain gear you can afford. Will need it. Buy a pair of muck boots. I call them the original AK river sandal. On my last trip down the Tat we used hand held radios for each raft to keep track of all of us. You do not want to get separated especially when the rain moves in and it will move in as you approach the coast. The advice on camping at the confluence gets many stars. Its a magical spot. I have always been lucky at Alsek lake however beware. You must layover at Walker Glacier and try and grab Sediment Creek. Great hikes at both spots. I am more than happy to share my Google Earth kmz file if you like. I also have a word doc of the camping spots and their coordinates. Great time to go. In july the glaciers are in full melt. Enjoy.
1 - 1 of 39 Posts