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The Russ Lyman guidebook is a bit dated, and depending on where you are I would be happy to let you read my book.
As an alternative, I created an updated guidebook on the Tatshenshini / Alsek system which includes illustrations, humor and some experiences of note. Hit me up if you are interested, I will not be charging $138!
Confirming dsrtrat re: tent, boots, Drybay. There are plenty of key items to know for your first trip. The moving ice is significant as icebergs are traveling with you in the main current of the Alsek and will ground onto gravel bars and stand up out of the river bed quickly creating interesting hazards. We had some inside info from local biologists and guides which really helped, so if you know anyone in Haines get on the phone. HTH!
1 - 1 of 39 Posts