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Cascade is Beautiful! Even with low flow the crystal clear water moves fast enough to keep the intermediate gripped in the awefully good looking surrounding gorge.

Real reason I posted is a lesson was learned. Rescues happen!
Munter hitch: necessary, learn it here (right now)
YouTube - Climbing Tools: Munter Hitch / tyed off Munter

Add to the knot skills with this required equipment:
4 climbing carabiners (one each: belay, climber, tree (pulley), boat)
4' of webbing (cam strap for tree pulley)
2 static lines (throw bags for climbing)
1 throw bag (for boat)
1 break down (Hmmm?)
a fairly deep hand signal vocabulary (stop, boof, run left, belay, climb, payout, hold, fuck you and your right line, lets go, it's all okay)

Ohh, and per the photo: the line on the pour over drop is left....LEFT!



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