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All available demos will be sold this Sat and Sun. in BV.

Colorado Kayak Supply-Buena Vista

Kayak Swap and Sale

August 5th and 6th

9:00 am to 6:00 pm


Come and check out our End of Summer Sale! Don't let these great sale items pass you by...

All accessories in stock will be 20% off

All 2006 kayaks will be 10-20% off

CKS will be selling several of our 2006 demo boats. These will be first come first serve.

No discounts on any special orders or any items that we run out of, so come early.


Register your used kayaks and gear Saturday at CKS in Buena Vista.

CKS will accept kayaks and gear including skirts, helmets, pfds,

drytops and paddles. Sorry we will not accept booties and

miscellaneous kayak and rafting clothing and gear.

If your gear sells, you will have two options.

Option 1 .

Option one-you may accept in-store

credit at CKS for the full amount of the sale price of your

equipment. Your in store credit can be used at any of our locations,

online or with a phone order. Your in-store credit can be applied to

CKS merchandise and excludes non-CKS swap items.

Option 2. -

You may opt for "cash" back from the sale of your swap items. CKS will take a

25% commission off of the sale price of your swap items sold. CKS

will issue and send you a check one week after the swap.

If your gear does not sell, you will need to pick up your gear by

Sunday, August 6th by 4:00 pm. If you do not pick up your gear by

this time, your gear will become property of CKS.

Please contact CKS is you have any further questions.

[email protected] or 888-265-2925 or 719-395-8653.

Swap and Sale will take place at the CKS-Buena Vista location - 327

E. Main St, Buena Vista, CO 81211.

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oh my!

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gh said:
Easy, killer. You already have or have had most of those boats, and you don't want to put a glut in the G-bay market...

Don't make me call your wife...

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I was kinda going for the lions, tigers and bears thing but yes it is exciting. And to complete my journey into poserdom I must have more gear.

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