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Jackson Karma medium

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Looking into a karma medium. I'm 6'1 200#. Coming from paddling the river running zen, looking to trade for karma medium. Curious about if that size will be good at my weight. Any insight would be great

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Karma M is appropriate


The M is appropriate for your size. You might like to read my boat review posted at . If you intend to carry a bunch of extra gear weight you could consider the L. Otherwise, the M is going to feel more agile and super enjoyable.
Seems like it depends on your style / preference as well. If you're a stronger/aggressive paddler and paddle rivers where you need the speed and want to stay high and dry, the large might be better. I'm 45# less than you, have paddled both, and definitely find the medium a better fit for me. If I was your size I'd likely go L unless I was just doing lots of low volume tight steep creeks.
I'm 5'10" 165 and paddle the medium Karma. It's perfect for me.

It did take some getting used to the Karma. I'd been in a Recon 93 and a Remix 79 for a few years. The Karma is edgy compared to these boats. The placement of the seat also makes a big difference in how the Karma paddles. I set mine one notch from all the way forward.

200 pounds seems heavy for the medium, although as others have pointed out, it depends on what kind of paddling you intend to do.

It's always a good idea to demo different boats before you buy one.
I am 200 and paddle the L. I think the M would be a bit smaller than ideal for you. You are on the cusp though. Either could work. Depends on if you like you boats on the smaller side or larger side.
6'3" 185 lbs. I feel like I'm a good weight for the medium, any heavier and I would be floating low. Large is massive though.
If you do want a medium though I'll sell you mine with an IR Royale that fits it.
6'1" 200lbs. Large. For all the reasons KSC said.
I'm 205 on a good day, 210 on a bad day, 5'10". I asked for opinions on large vs medium on here and was pointed towards the large. I'm glad I did, it doesn't feel too big after you get it dialed in. I sat in the medium and it just felt too small for me after coming from a large Villain. At first I had trouble boofing it, but I just raised the seat a bit to get better contact inside the boat and pulled the seat all the way forward.

Don't let the 100+ gallons scare you, it doesn't feel that big and boat designers seem to be moving towards these large volume boats.

The M is appropriate for your size. You might like to read my boat review posted at . If you intend to carry a bunch of extra gear weight you could consider the L. Otherwise, the M is going to feel more agile and super enjoyable.

Here's my thinking. First, know that each size of the Karma boats drive as if they are smaller. Their performance is awesome. Secondly, unlike many other designs, Jackson creek boats tend to accommodate the top end of their recommended paddler weight range without a significant reduction in performance and they rate them based on paddlers weight alone (knowing that additional gear weight is to be expected) . Thirdly, you're 20# below the top end of the range for the Karma M. That said, you can easily enjoy either the M or the L size.

Regarding the Karma, the stability at each size is off the chart. For me the M was practically unflippable (It rolls up easy peasy. I just never got flipped by a rapid). The M lends itself especially well to a bit heavier or a taller person that will leverage it easily. I think the L will be necessitate that even more. Being 2" wider, the L will be for you like the M was for me. It will be unbelievably stable, but very roomy inside. Which sounds desirable, but it may feel like a lot of boat if you were to ever be getting chundered in a major hydraulic or needing to nail a super tight must make move in fast, powerful, high consequence, creeking.

Frankly, I think the L is most appropriate for persons over the 210# range. If you chose the L you may desire to do a major custom outfitting similar to what I had to do for myself in the M (see photos) in order to feel more secure and dominant in it.

On the other hand, if you chose the M size you may want to do what I did in the S. I took the 3/4" thick seat pad out and replaced it with 1/8" foam, and I reduced the thickness of the knee padding from about 1/2" to about 1/8". This allowed me to lower my center of gravity and gain about an inch of vertical room inside for a roomier, more comfortable and powerful leg angle. Now my S is quick edge to edge, fast, secure, comfortable, and super stable for me.

The M is rated for a up to a 220# paddler. Compared to the L, the M will be more agile in performance and still be super stable. Not as stable as the L, of course, but not as massive feeling either. However, if you intend to load the stern with lots of gear, then the L will prove superior for you.

Like others have stated, it is a personal preference. People your size are loving the L. However, in my opinion, you can chose to be over the top stable and maybe less agile in the L (although it will drive like it's smaller than 9' long and 28" wide). Or you can choose the agility, Formula 1 race car performance, of the M and likely find it's 8.5' length and 26" width is still battleship stable and yet makes you boat more dominantly. I've often cautioned people about getting too big of a boat. I like the idea of "me driving the boat instead of it driving me". One thing is for sure, though, the Karma's performance is supreme in either size for you. Let us know what you decide.

PS: If this doesn't help you and others contemplating which size is best, I encourage you to contact Tony M at 4CRS for an opinion from he who crushes the Gore Race and the Bakers Box.


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You should tell Jackson about your thigh hook mod. You're far from the first to note that the stock thigh hook setup is lacking.
I'm 6 foot 1 inch, only 180 pounds (usually fluctuate between 175 - 185) and I'm very happy that I chose the LARGE Karma. My favorite boat fits me well, and is agile, feels pretty much perfect for the type of creek boat I want.

My dad is twenty pounds heavier, and he seems torn between the medium and large.

My buddy Seth is like 150 pounds, and he thinks the medium is too small for him, but the large is too big.

People are paddling larger and larger boats.

It's worth mentioning that people get overly consumed by the number the volume reads. The large Karma paddles smaller than you might think if you're hung up on the 100 gallons.
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