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land of plenty of water, as long as you like class I and surf kayaking. New river next week at ~ -.7 (2K-3Kcfs I think) and upper gauley at ~250cfs. Elf boating....
All within a tank of gas:

Airwheel - YouTube

Holtwood on Vimeo

Lehigh Gorge Creeking:
Dave M. ...Stony Creek ...30 footer... sic.. 2010 on Vimeo
Stoddartsville Falls - YouTube
At least 2 more runs in the gorge I couldn't find vids for.

Delaware Water Gap Creeking:
Delaware Water Gap Creekin Classics: Raymondskill and Hornbecks - YouTube
Kayaking Shohola Falls - Test Video on Vimeo
And many more.

Lower Delaware Creeking:
Stuff on the NJ and PA sides (III-V), not much media.

Plus the more obvious WV/MA/DC goods.

All this bearing in mind it's a place that gets a lot of water all at once without a lot of notice. Hurricane season is about to start up and the winter often sees more water in the drainages since the trees are dormant and not as thirsty.
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