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Yo. 'Sup.

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Alone in Salida, wthout my bro
He swims everything, and is my hero
Gone to Cali, to chase pretentious chicks
I'm going padling to get my kicks....

Video still lurks of an early season swim
Of course not me, it was him!
Hope to post it one day, when I learn how
Teasing your ass will do for now!

Hope you're well and having fun,
Does your POS Audi still run?
Either way, take care, adios
Talk to you later you Pabroast!

P.S. - Shawn's got a rock for Lauren, now he needs some nuts. (Ain't that the pot calling the kettle black?)

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hairy Jew update
Shawn and Lauren sounds like fate
when will twitch get hitched?

your hero is great
O. C. girls treat him like bait
city soon switched?

the rest of the boys?
the kiddo with new male toys?
big trips to report?

Bastard son, enjoys,
the ski porn? still deploy(ed)?
your witty retort?

the pass to purchase?
the next ski season has changed
C.A. to C.O.!


God Amongst Men
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the bsoe is movin to gunny! stoked levels around here are rising because of that.

theyre gougin big time at crusty butt-y this year.....$900 right now for a season, who knows what that will be come september....hope to see ya out there again this year big A that was sooper sweet last year

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Bitchin Haiku

Aaron, I must say
Quite impressed with haikus that
Rhyme others in verse

Of ancient Japanese art
Pleases bastard son

Contract with Army
Fulfilled as of two weeks hence
Yet still I remain

In the heat of hell
Shackled to the dental chair
A white collar slave

"Stop-loss" policy
Deamed legal by supreme court

Must nevertheless
Persevere in spite of war
Alternative? Jail.
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