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I’m a very fit 61 year-old ER doctor, with lots of rafting, backpacking, and wilderness experience. I’ve helped organize and lead multi-family trips on the San Juan, Deso-Gray, Dolores, Ruby-Horsethief, and Gates of Lodore. Last March I joined my first GrandC raft trip, I rowed half the trip, up through Class 7 rapids; it was the best 3-week-long blind date ever. I’m a solid oarsman, but might not have quite the experience for rowing the entire Grand without following someone’s lines at times.

I play uke and harmonica, and can bring song-sheets for sing-a-longs. While not blessed female, I do a pretty good Aretha Franklin in group call and response songs. I specialize in Minnesota, Lutheran, cannibal and medical/dark humor. I can tell a few stories.

I get along well with others, can follow orders, and am happy to do groover duty and all other work. I have good organizational skills, and can take on planning tasks you'd like to give away. I have good medical skills, and a medical kit. I've done 13 week-long backpacks throughout the Grand, know some geology and archaeology, and can share side-hike ideas with the group. I seek a trip that prioritizes safety, and is not heavy party. I would prefer a trip that plans on side hikes, and perhaps prioritizes that above peak gustatory experience. I'd also prefer a slightly longer trip on shoulder season (October is my top choice), but I'm open to anything.

Thanks for considering me! Jonathan
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