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Is Anthracite Creek still in?

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Just wondering if its still an option to hike in and take out at Erikson campground. Not sure which gauge to go off of. Also, if it is in who wants to get on it?
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The flows are well below 400 at North fork at Sommerset, so there is only about 250, maybe 300 on upper Anthracite. I was going to duckie below Ericksons tomorrow if flows stayed in 400 range. Actually trying to find bottom flow rates for lower Anthracite. I might take a leap of faith on dark canyon with you, just not sure. But I'd be up to checking it out with you. Call970-497-6512.
Curious where the takeout is for the lower run from Erickson to confluence? Looked like a lot of private property down there.
Rich we drove down quite aways on 133 to a bridge which has public access on the North fork, but I did see a public access just before the county parks building about 2miles up from confluence. I think this is the take-out mentioned on the Eddy Flower site for this run. On your way in its just before or right after that county parks workshop.
Man--I love elfing but I'm not sure this one is worth it at these flows.

Bring comfy shoes--I'd guess you'll need 'em at least to the confluence.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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