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Ireland has some good whitewater in the winter. I have only run the boluisce outside Galway in spiddal, the Clare glens and a tidal wave in Connemara. There was a kayak shop in Galway city called rivers deep mountain high I used to meet boaters at ( It's been a few years since I've been there, but Galway is a cool town you'll wanna check out anyways. If the Clare glens is running, it's one of the countries best. The boluisce runs frequently without rain and is very fun as well. There is also a boaters forum

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I had the pleasure of living over there for a year working at the intel site out side of Dublin.
most lovely people. my advice for a good time.

leaving a tip is rude its already include in the bill don't do it you will come off as an ASS!!

learn to drink tea and enjoy the relaxed pace don't be in a hurry!!

enjoy some chocolate with the tea its not the same waxy crap we have here.

dont say your irish!! your not your an americian they don't give a crap if your great grampa has red hair and came to america from ireland its a test just say i'm and american you will be resected!!
if some thing is 60 miles away it will take 2-3 hours to drive there plan on it.

take a good rain coat and pants and water proof shoes

places to see any and all

up north
gaints causeway

down south
skiliag island (sp?)
the ring of fire drive

east coast
New grange (sp?)

west coast
cliffs around Galway

any and all castles

my .02
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