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Interesting Job Possibility

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Grand Canyon National Park is hiring a small boat operator. I did that job in in the 90s. It was fun I learned a lot. Lots of the trips were like private trips but we got paid. A great waste of government dollars.
Apply through USA jobs.
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$22 to $25 per hour. You would probably get a fair amount of overtime. Its also a permanent post but part time. Probably not working for fish science or running boats up river. They contract boat operators through another source. No gun required you might haul the guys with guns though.
I wonder if the drug test still screens for weed. If you really wanted the job you shouldn’t chance it.
Didn‘t say anything about being groomed like the want ad for the Umpqua guiding job.
Vets probably get still preference. Being a female vet with boating experience is probably even better.
Could be a way to make a decent career out of river running.
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