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Interesting Job Possibility

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Grand Canyon National Park is hiring a small boat operator. I did that job in in the 90s. It was fun I learned a lot. Lots of the trips were like private trips but we got paid. A great waste of government dollars.
Apply through USA jobs.
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Vets almost always get additional points for government jobs; also, weed is not legal under federal law, so yes, they will test for weed. A part time job with benefits, almost seems like they might be year round-which would be pretty sweet.
Not sure about NPS, but the BLM rangers are considered "career seasonal" and its part time, with benefits.. A vet will get it, and likely a vet that's wanting to retire from commercial boating. Saw the advert come across the boatman's beta from GCRG a couple days ago. It's likely already filled.
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