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Input on seat repair

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So my tractor seat material has started to come apart at the corners and I would like to fix it. I searched the topic on MB, didn't find anything, looked at some DIY type videos and it seems like a reasonable repair. I'm looking for lessons learned from those buzzards that may have already tried this type of repair. Thanks. Furniture Vehicle Beige Car

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it's a vinyl seat, patch it like you would a PVC boat. I've seen it done on a bunch of seats. there's even a guy in the Boise area with multiple color patches on his seat, looks pretty cool. (gives it a little character)
From the photo is looks like it;s just the fabric pulling away from the edges, no tears. If this is the case is is a very easy repair.

1. Remove the black vinyl edge trim to expose the metal edges of the seat frame and the cover fabric. There is a little metal clip that covers the seam, it will need to be removed. Then just pry it off with screw driver and pliers.

2. Using a contact adhesive like Barge Cement re-glue the edges. Heating with a hair dryer will help things stretch and conform to shape.

3. Re-attache the edge trim using a rubber mallet. The edge trim is designed to pinch and stretch the fabric as it is applied, plus protect us from the sharp metal edge of the seat frame.

If your edge trim is damaged you can replace it at any shop selling upholstry supplies.
If the paint is fading on the metal, you can buy a rubberized undercoating from NAPA in a spray can and give it a coat.
Thanks! Just what I needed to know.

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