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i need information on the pumphouse run. put in take out, camping etc...
also, any advice in running the river would be helpfull. we are class III boaters.

david and debbie


Pumphouse run should be "read and run" for class III boaters.

A good overnighter is to launch at Pumphouse and camp just above Rancho Del Rio at the "Benches" on the left. Nice camps with fire rings, picnic tables, and outhouses.

For a short second day, take out at Rancho or Yarmony Bridge. (Yarmony Bridge is a free, but steep takeout. I think the buck per boater charge is worth the price at Rancho)

For a longer second day take out at State Bridge. You'll find moving class II type water between Rancho and State Bridge.

Below State Bridge it flattens out a bunch, camps are hard to find, but the fishin's pretty good. Watch out for "Rodeo Rapid" way down by Burns.

I cut the following description from River&runname=Pumphouse to State Bridge : River&runname=Pumphouse to State Bridge

Put-in Pumphouse Access..
This is a large access point with multiple boat ramps on river left. This is also the take-out for the Gore Canyon run. Note: Access fee is $3.00. Camping fee is $10.00.

1.0 Little Gore Canyon.
After floating through rolling hills to begin the trip you reach Little Gore Canyon. A 2 mile long picturesque mini-gorge with hot springs, historical site, and a rapid.

1.4 Diversion Tunnel.
A large tunnel on River left signifies the beginning of Needle Eye Rapid. This tunnel was to be a part of the proposed Hartman Reservoir.

1.5 Needle Eye Rapid.
Class II+.
Needle Eye Rapid has a large rock in the middle of the rapid. At higher flows this rock turns into big waves.

2.5 Old Cabin.
This is an old boarding house built in 1903 for the crew that was to build Hartman Reservoir.

2.8 Hot Springs.
Hot Springs on river left. Just down stream on river right is a 15’ wall good for cliff jumping into the river.

4.5 Radium Recreation Area.
A bridge crosses the river at the town of Radium. Downstream on river left is Radium Recreation Area. A sign on river right reminds us that we are entering private property.

6.0 Red Gorge.
A considerable canyon with 1500 ft. high walls. At about 1 mile long, this gorge is short but beautiful.

6.7 Yarmony Rapid.
Class II+.
There is a large boulder on river right that turns into a hole at higher flows. The right side of the river is private property. Scout from river left.

7.2 Campsites.
For the next 1.5 miles, several campsites exist for overnight trips on both sides of the river. They are labeled with a sign.

11.0 Rancho Del Rio Resort.
This is a private access point on river left. They do charge a fee to use it.

11.5 Yarmony Bridge.
Trough Road crosses the river here. This is a free access point.

14.5 Piney River.
The Piney river enters on river left.

15.0 Take-out. State Bridge.
The small community of State Bridge is on river right. State Bridge Lodge offers an access point for a fee on river right. There is also a fee based access point on river left above the Hwy 131 bridge that charges $2.50 per person.

best pumphouse trip

Some of the best and (free) camping is on the short road to the Radium takeout; about a mile in on lhe left there are some big trees, firepits, etc and it is right on the stream-- the downside to the site is the outhouse, we use that one as needed and tke advantage of the newer, nicer composting ones at pumphouse during the day.

The rapids are pretty kind; the only class 3 part is the eye of the needle; as you enter the canyon you'll go through some wave trains, keep to the middle and there are some nice eddys to river left after the initial section. From that eddy and a flat point you'll head toward the eye, which is just about the only rock in the middle of the river; the right side is easier and the left will be almost nonexistent at low flows, there is a little funny water after the rock but nothing serious. From there keep in the main flow on the right, there will be a little wave train and then you'll transition to river left and a couple of submerged rocks and a hard left against a cliff. From there just look for a couple of little holes over rocks depending on flow, everything is avoidable even if you're learning, and runnable with a couple scratches if you miss it. When you come to the flat section with the hot springs on the left the upper is pretty much done; we've been taking out at the sheephorn creek above the radium takeout; there is a little bridge over the creek on the left of the river and you avoid some flat water-- this makes 3 of runs a day more feasable.

If you're camping at the place outlined above park the takeout vehicle just above the bridge when you first see the river-- you can also find the trail over to the hotsprings right by these spots, look for it by the tele pedestal (green box).

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Class III?

I have only done the pumphouse from a float out of Gore but I did not see anything on the run that would imply class III whitwater. If you are looking for a tame run and want to do some camping, it might be fun but I would worry about the whitwater. Enjoy!!
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