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Info for Rio Chama Flows?

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Does anyone know a resource for info on expected Rio Chama flows, as in this coming weekend. I have been watching a pretty steady 570cfs for a few days,and would love to make it down for a quick canoe trip with my Son.
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Not sure how good the names and phone numbers

are since I have not used them for a couple of years. These used to be the Reclamation folks at the dam handling releases:

Ed (505-462-3586) and Ray (505-462-3582).

When I tried to get info, a couple of years ago, it was very difficult. Are they still attempting to keep flows above 500 cfs for weekends? If so, and with all the recent rain, I would say plan to take the canoe and have a great time in that magical place!
Great contact person for Rio Chama flows

I emailed Mary at the BRec on Monday and she responded with the following info within one day. She has helped with flow predictions in the past. I would use her as your resource. I was asking her about late September flows:

"...most of the remaining water to be moved down to Abiquiu is actually moving this week. It will really depend on demand for the Middle Rio Grande during that period. If it's dry down here, there's a possibility we will be moving some water down. However, I doubt it will be any higher than about 300 cfs. You are welcome to e-mail me again as the date approaches to see if I can give you any more details/updates."
Mary Carlson
Bureau of Reclamation
[email protected]

Hope that helps
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Thanks for the help, Appreciate it!
Another qestion about Rio Chama Flows

Armed with good contacts provided by the Buzz I have received this info from Mary at Bureau of Rec.
{{ Hello. This weekend is probably your last chance to hit the Rio Chama with good flows. We will continue the release of between 600 and 800 through Sunday at about 10. That should allow folks out on the river to reach a takeout point.
Mary Carlson
Public Affairs]]
My question is if they cut the flow to say 300cfs on Sunday at 10 how would the last 8 miles "Daily section" go on Monday morning??
My son and I will be in a tandem whitewater canoe. Thanks for any advice.
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