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Holy smokes... I am stoked about the new feature in Lyons.

I hope everyone (especially anyone in the front range) realizes how important it is to support events like this.... Obviously the sponsors do and that is why you see the level of products being donated on the sticky post above... pretty unbelievable.

Supporting this event in particular means that we will have a white water play feature on the front range till the END OF OCTOBER!!!! Hence the name "October Hole".

For the retailers it means extending the purchasing season and for boaters it means keeping the "fix" to your jonse in place for way longer into the year. This is a very big deal to ensure that eveyone do their part and support this. For 25 bucks you get an all you can eat kickass cajun dinner, a kickass blue grass band that was hired for the event "whitewater ramble" (how perfect), a video premier, a great brewery to party at that serves a damn good beer, and the whole thing goes towards getting this feature done by the end of April 06!!!!

Mix that whole bunch of stuff with the silent auction of serious gear... from brand new K2 half pipe ski's, to down jackets,to sleeping bags, to new kayaks (both whitewater and recreation), to resturant certificates, to an electricians time, to everything kayaks (including drytops, paddles, boats, layers throwropes)... hell you name it and this event should have something for everyone to get a great deal on.

I for one am going to be there and really hope that everyone makes sure they get there and show how much they support towns on the front range making kayaking an easier sport for you and your family to enjoy for way longer into the season.

Tickets are on sale at Confluence, The Paddle Shop, and I think BOC as well. They can also be purchased at the door, but we do suggest getting them ahead of time.

I can feel the season around the corner... and it's gonna be a good one!!!
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