RAFT: STAR 14'/24" Cataraft. Has 4 patches: 1 for a sm. hole, 3 for scratch protection. Old, but 303'd 2x every year.

FRAME: NRS Universal Raft & Cat Breakdown Frame 66" x 120" with LD Snap Pins for faster conversion to 6'. 1 extra crossbar for a total of 7; 6" Sawyer Cobra oarlocks; 4' mesh floor in oarsman's bay. Straps incl.

OARS: (3) Cataract SGG 10' oarshafts w/counterbalance & Cataract Magnum 7 blades; oar tethers.

OTHER STUFF: Igloo Marine 94; (2) sets adjustable cooler/dry box mounts; Barney Bag (apparently now called a Cataraft River Bag) 40''x24''x41"; 12'x12" narrow long drop bag w/ zippered lid; Captain's Bag 12'x10'; (2) Reliance 7 gal. water containers; (2) 20mm rocket boxes (used as dry boxes); (3) water container/rocket box slings; K-pump k-40; Throw rope; (2) flip lines; (2) bagged NRS bow lines; Sand anchor (I'm keeping the mallet); (2) homemade side rail planks w/ safety strips, straps incl.; mesh cup holder; custom cover that I stretched over the front bay for extra seating or sleeping out at camp; bag of assorted NRS straps.

REPAIR KIT: Small ammo can with: (2) NRS Frame Wrenches -2 sizes; (1) Leafield C-7 replacement valve; (6) STAR patch D-rings: 4 @1.3", [email protected]"; STAR Fabric 1100 denier PVC; Extra oarlock stainless spring rings, 3 sizes; Extra ring for oar tether; STAR PVC repair instructions; metal file for repair patch prep; latex gloves, pair of scissors; (2) paint brushes; 1 bag each of frame nuts & bolts and LD snap pins. NOTE: No repair chemicals. You should buy fresh ones.