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While I wait to get my hands on a new (to me) 14 foot raft, I'd like to start buying the stuff I will need to actually get on the river. 90% of what I will do with the boat would be 2-3 day friends and family type floats. Going to get a frame at some point but initially will just have a paddle-crew. I used to paddle lots about 10 years ago but got into some other things and am just coming back.

Remind me of some stuff I'm going to need!

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#1— get the boat

Get the boat first. Then the obvious stuff for day trips: pump, PFDs, paddles, throw bag, drybags, and a booklet on river rescue.

A glance at the catalogs (NRS, Cascade Outfitters, DownRiver Equipment) will give you ideas on what you need for overnight trips. If you've got camping gear, use that rather than buying specialized river stuff. Most people who do multi-day runs use a rowing frame, which is better for rigging coolers and dryboxes.

But spend your money on the necessary stuff before sloping off into solar-powered espresso makers. Lots of tempting weird junk available.


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Here are some things:
PFDs (used, pick up from outfitter)
extra wetsuits/splash gear (used, pick up from outfitter)

Cargo Net (This is optional depending on your rigging style)
Water Jugs (2 x 6 gal.)

Tool Kit
Repair Kit Major (one required, every boat must have a major or minor)
spare oarlock/pin-clip, Allen wrench.)
Oars (2 runners, 1-2 spares)
Bow line (30 to 40 feet)
Rope/Cord (25-50')
Nylon Runners/Slings (2-4, various sizes)
First-Aid kit
Rocket Boxes (for food & foot well personal gear) painted white to decrease summer heat buildup)
Cam Straps (lots of 2', 4', and 6' lengths)
Drop Bags
Throw bag
Sand Stake: to tie boat to when good ties are far away
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