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So there is an online auction for a Metal Fabrication and Machining company that is going out of business and I want to buy some stuff from them. I'll be headed through the area on the 15th on the way to a Yampa trip in Dino National Monument, but they need stuff picked up on Thursday the 12th or I either loose the stuff or have to pay fees.

Just curious if anyone is from Craig or nearby and could maybe go pick it up, and then I'll swing by on the 15th and pick stuff up. Willing to pay you in beer, food, delivery of something from Denver area or just straight up cash for you efforts.

The stuff being picked up will several small boxes with high speed steel bits and lathe tooling holders, so no big equipment or anything. Depending on how the auction goes it could be from 2-10 small lots/boxes.

Post up or send me a PM if you can help me out.

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