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I have a permit to run the MF salmon for July 31.

I am looking to join someone who has a permit for the 27 through 30th.

My group, which includes some young kids and my wife with a bad back want to start at pistol creek where they will be flying in and staying at some cabins. (They will fly out at flying b) The boatsmen can fly in too, at a cost of more plane flights and missing the upper 21 miles of river, my favorite.

What I would love to do (if allowed, I think this would be ok) would be to boat in (need maybe 2-4 slots) with your group, then at Indian creek you could join my group (I am only using 8 slots so I could accommodate a large group). It would allow you to extend your trip. Would likely boat independently and then meet up somewhere around flying b or impassable canyon and share sites from that point out.

We will be rather loaded at the put in but with no passengers, maybe help with some gear for a bit too.

Might anyone have permits or be interested?
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