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I Buy Forces

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So here's what I'm up to lately: I love the Aire Force, particularly the vintage models. So when I see a really good deal on one, I buy it, inflate and assess, use inflatable boat cleaner and magic erasers to clean it like new, and give her a super 303 bath. If it needs repairs I fix it or have it done professionally. Then I get a couple laps in the magic boat and list it for sale. I usually can make a couple hundred bucks for my elbow grease, if I'm lucky.

If you see an old Force for sale, let me know! I love giving these old, special boats new life! I'd really love to restore a foam floor, pre-2000 model next! Thanks for helping me keep an eye out. The profits, after shipping, pay for the beer while I'm seeking, restoring, and paddling these old boats. It's been a fun side project and I'm currently seeking my next project!

Thanks Buzzards!
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