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One of the cool new features we have added to our forum software is an an enhanced profile system. The info that is shown in your profile is completely up to you. Not only is this a page where you can showcase your photos from your last trip but also a place where you let others see stats about your paddling career.

To update your profile:
  • Click "User Control Panel" on upper tool bar to open your user cp.
  • Select edit profile.
The only fields that are required is Gender, City and State. These are required just because we want to be able to know a bit more about our members and consider this to be basic info. If you do not want to put your real info then just put in fake info in those fields.

Content in the "Optional Info" section will appear in your Member profile. Custom user titles will appear just underneath your avatar. The fields you leave blank will not show up in your profile. Update the fields you desire and be sure to scroll down and hit save changes.

Note: Your e-mail address, while not publically viewable, is used to notify you of new content, private messages and updates. We do not share your personal info!
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