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How is the water in Durango?

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We will be in Durango 8/2 - 8/4 I believe. Hoping to take our first raft out on maiden voyage while we are there. Just looking to do one day trip or maybe two through town. Are the river conditions looking good?

What are some good put in/take out spots and what class are we looking at? We did a IK trip with an outfitter some years ago and I remember it being pretty easy, but it was earlier in the year and we have never done it in a raft.

Any info or suggestions will be appreciated.
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The recent spike up to 800-1000 is due to rain, and it will retreat back down to 400ish which is too low for rafts through town. If it rains when you are there and it goes above 600, its will be ok, but floatable. The run is primarily II+, except the whitewater park is III.

Put in at 32nd street boat ramp, and take out somewhere below the ww park. There are multiple options down there.
400 is only to low if you don't know how to read water...i mean rocks...
560 cfs today. Fun mellow float. Imbibing at Carvers now...

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