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Like a kid in the candy store, EJ's eyes popped wide and he went off on a rant. Last night FIBArk welcomed the locals out to the FIBArk sponsored Business After Hours. Held outside of the Salida Steamplant Theatre and Convention Center, introductions, announcements, and a limited edition poster auction occurred on the deck leading into the Steamplant lobby. Inside the lobby is the Kayak Tribute and AVAC Art exhibit. KVRH radio was doing their remote broadcast inside and had several interviews on the air with celebities like Jed Selby, FIBArk 2003 Champ, and Eric Jackson, multi-past FIBArk Champ, Olympian, and World Champion.

When interviewed, Eric couldn't help but point out how his life was reflected in the history of the boats displayed. He ran around going..."Yah, I started in a Letman IV just like this one back in 1978. Same color and everything. It was designed for the Olympic team. Then I had a Mirage just like that. Then the Dancer. It was considered... And, OOOh! This boat here was sooo rad. Yah and that one I...! Awesome! This one I designed when, And that was, And that, ... Dagger this, Prijon that,... glass that, Olympics this.

Needless to say, things are way cool in Salida. The place is swarmin' with the hottest pros - men and women. The chicks are sooo hot! The features are awesome. The weather is great. And the bands lined up for each night, tonight through Sunday are phenominal. Don't miss the most awesome event of the year! The pros are throwin down all day and into the dark under the street lights.

Thanks out to EJ, Jed, Steve Sonheim and AVAC, KVRH, Salida Chamber, The Vaqueros, Gusti, the FIBArk Board of Directors, Bill Donavan and DogSonic Designs for the incredible art work and more, FIBArk Commodore Fred Lowry, and all the residents and visitors of Salida, and the Competitors. Best wishes for a great FIBArk 2004!!! :D
Come join the FUN!!!!
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